Newbie Cash Machine

 Ewen Chias's Newbie Cash Machine is a guide made for beginner that are looking into promoting digital products on the internet. The guide mostly goes over the affiliate website which are Click Bank and Commission Junction. Using step by step instructions the author shows you to set up an initial affiliate campaign. Some of the other things that are covered are Low cost techniques for your promotion of your product like blog writing.

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Search Engine Optimization and pay per click advertising are also looked into in the guide but not as extensively as other things because this product is meant for beginners. One of things Ewen Chias goes into with great detail is niche marketing. This topic is gone over from finding a niche market to exploring if for profit. Ewen expatiates on many key marketing principles from how to write a sales letter to making sure that you know your audience. Overall this would be a good tool for a beginner or "newbie" because it takes them through step by step. But I must tell the e-book is about 300 pages long which requires a certain amount of patience to go through all the information. Click here to go to

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