New Vision International

New Vision International are known for making extraordinary claims like God's Recipe can cure Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ("ADD/ADHD") . NewVision International exploited parents' fears of prescription drugs like Ritalin by making claims that God's Recipe was a natural, safer alternative. New Vision International, Inc., a multi-level marketing company that sells nutritional supplements, agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they made unsubstantiated claims in their advertisements for a combination of New Vision dietary supplements they called "God's Recipe."

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 New Vision's written materials and audiotapes Claimed that the 3 dietary supplements that comprise God's Recipe -- "PC Grape Seed Extract with an Herbal Blend" (a mineral tonic drink); "Essential Minerals" (an antioxidant capsule); and "Multi-Enzymes with Alfalfa/Barley Sprouts" (a multi-enzyme tablet) -- can be used as a natural alternative to the prescription drug Ritalin for children suffering from ADD/ADHD. Similar products can be found in a health food store like GNC. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona New Vision International sells dietary supplements through independent representatives.

New Vision has developed a compensation plan that allows distributors to make money by selling the products at suggested mark-ups to consumers and by recruiting and training other individuals to be distributors of New Vision products. Obviously I don't recommend New Vision International because I hate companies that take advantage of people.


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