Neil Waterhouse Review

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Neil Waterhouse is a self-proclaimed internet guru, offering secrets to making money online with no starting money on his website . After careful research and an abundance of time spent looking through the various information I gathered, I offer you this review.

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On his website, Neil Waterhouse states he has searched through and tested many different online businesses and work at home opportunities to find the five most profi websites. Throughout his sales page, you will notice several highlighted aspects of the same fact, making money without money. He states repeatedly that you do not need money to begin earning money, start with $0, and absolutely no money. You begin thinking, now this is a great product, I do not need money to make money. This is enough to appeal to any person in the world; we all want to make money without spending it.

As you become more and more excited, reading through Neil Waterhouse’s sales page, you finally reach near the end of the page and here it is, he is asking you for $27. Now wait a minute, he has just spent a thousand words worth of your time telling you that you can make money without having to spend a dime, now he is asking you for your money. This seems like something of a double negative.

If the sales page does not tip you off in itself, the other information we gathered might. After careful research, we discovered that many people believe that Neil Waterhouse is nothing more than a scam artist. Several people signed up, paid the $27, and never received anything at all for their money. Furthermore, some people signed up, paid the $27, and say, they received one item instead of the promised programs and bonuses.

There are also some devout followers of Neil Waterhouse that can attest to his claims of making a profit and his work ethics. These people swear by his report and have nothing but good things to say about it such as doubling their income in short periods of time and providing real, valuable information.

As always there are two sides to every coin, good and bad. The choice is essentially yours.

So, is Neil Waterhouse’s Waterhouse Report a scam? Well, some will say it is, some will say it is not. Through research, I have seen a vast amount of information that states that Neil offers nothing more than some steps to take to earn money such as e-books and online surveys. This is information that could be had on the internet without having to spend $27.

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This ends the review of Neil Waterhouse