National Grants Conference Review

Is National Grants Conference( NGC ) All A Scam? 

National Grants Conferences is a company that has claimed that there's a lot of money, free for the asking, from the government. This money can supposedly be used to buy or fix up a house, start a business, get an education or for almost any other thing if you can qualify.

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About a year ago my cousin and I went to a seminar at a downtown Chicago hotel hosted by this company called National Grants Conferences. They say that there's a lot of money, free for the taking and with few or no strings attached. This is all supposed to be available from the government in the form of grants and no interest loans. The catch is, the process of applying is supposed to be so complicated that experienced experts are needed to get through the paperwork, which NGC is happy to provide for about $900.00. As I understand it, their only guarantee is to take care of the paperwork and make you go through all the steps involved in applying for a grant, not that you will actually qualify for one. I'm sure they're making a pretty penny from this, but my suggestion would be to get this paperwork free and continue to submit it yourself. An aquaintence of mine is a real estate guru, yet it still took his daughter a whole year of sending faxes to get a grant for some real estate. So in my opinion persistence is well worth you not having to shell out $900. But if you're lazy NGC or The National Grants Conference is probably the way to go.


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This ends the review of The National Grants Conference