Monique Harris

Monique Harris came on the scene when she was featured in a newsletter from Terry Dean and Kirk Christensen. Terry Dean and Kirk Christensen were promoting Monique Harris as a credible marketing expert. Her book titled Make Your Site Sell got pretty good reviews but in my personal opinion based on the training I have received i have to say that I was kind of let down because the information seemed a bit geared towards the newcomer.

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Honestly there is a bit of knowledge I found useful but across the board it didn't meet my expectations. In Monique Harris's newest book, "Make Your Knowledge Sell" shows people how to market, sell, create, and publish their very own information product on the web. Now this book seems more complete in its content to me, and I am a big fan of this concept. Keep your eyes on Monique Harris and ear to the ground because she is going to grow, and with this latest release is showing promise. If she just keep coming with the right information she'll be fine.

She may end up being a powerful force on the marketing scene in the days to come. I've heard that her newest book "Paperless Newsletter" is being marketed by Terry Dean. In my opiion her materials aren't necessarily a bad investment there are just other authors that are more thorough.

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