Millionaire Web Club

The first sign that a site or opportunity is not legit is the fact that Millionaire Web Club doesn't give a traceable address or location. Millionaire Web Club pays you for the sales you make, which is basically giving control over to them. In other words they can decide whether or not they will pay you. You, the independent business owner should receive the money when you makes a sale. Companies like The Millionaire Web Club take advantage of people because they can just say you aren't making the amount of sales you feel your making.

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The bottom line is that, the business practice of someone else getting paid first and then it's up to them to pay you is extremely unprofessional. Millionaire Web Club looks like another scam in my personal opinion. They aren't accepting any more customers for their business and noon can tell me where the advertising page is! What do they do? What exactly do you sell to make money? When you are in business you shouldn't have anything to hide because people like me are gonna review you and expose you. Steer clear of the Millionaire Web Club. Millionaire Web Club does mention making you a web site and that you'll be promoting it and selling stuff but, what stuff?

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