Miller Heiman

Many people are applying Miller Heiman concepts to the actual sales situations that really arise on the internet. Miller Heiman programs like: Conceptual Selling, Large Account Management Process, and Strategic Selling can utilized through the internet. These core programs, provide you with a firm foundation of the same Miller Heiman processes you would learn in a standard academic setting. These programs are readily accessible so you can learn at your leisure. Online training usually takes between 4-5 hours to complete and your progress saved as you go.

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 Users have unlimited access to materials for three months from the date the course was bought. after the completion of a section there are test and if you don't pass them you are required to re-test until you pass. All salespeople, sales managers and employees outside the core sales force who support the sales process benefit from taking the Miller Heiman courses as well as the actual sales force. In these courses you learn how to strengthen the relationships between your company and key account holders and how to assign roles and collaborate as a team to be successful in business.

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