Review Of Mike Litman

Is What Mike Litman Teaches Just Another Scam?

Mr. Mike Litman, known as the 21st century Napoleon Hill by Networking Times Magazine, is a business man, mentor and an author from New York. Mike Litman has a radio talk show called The Mike Litman Show. He often interviews well known business people, CEO's, authors and speakers.

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Mike Litman also helped to write "Conversations With Millionaires" a #1 best seller. "Conversations With Millionaires" has sold over 100,000 copies and was developed from his interviews with people like Robert Allen, Jim McCann and many other successful people.

Mike Litman has coached to success many people through his Unleash Your Greatness Success System and Greatness Held Hostage CD. Mike claims that those products have changed the lives of over a quarter million people. Mike also wrote "The Secret To Getting Rich Fast Has Nothing To Do With Making Money!", "The Ultimate Reason To Become A Millionaire" and "5 Simple Reasons Most People Will Never Get Rich and How To Make Sure You Do!".

Mike has a lot of very helpful and life changing products including, motivational workshops, seminars, videos and books. All of which can be found at Mike Litman's website, Mike also offers a newsletter, Unleash Your Greatness Daily Tips and a Blog all of which he claims can inspire you to change your life and achieve all of your goals. Mr. Mike seems to have something to offer for just about anyone, so I do recommend his products and services.

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This ends the review of Mike Litman