Mike Enos

Mike Enos is definitely an Ebay expert. Mike Enos teaches you how to sell on eBay. Mike Glaspie even sees Mike Enos as a very ingenuous and smart Ebay seller. In Mike Enos' account, Mikes feedback is over 9000, has a 99.5% satisfied customer ranking, and Mike Enos has sold 600,000+ dollars worth of merchandise on eBay in the last 2yrs. Mike Enos actually gives us his eBay username so you can track his sales and see that he really does live what he teaches on a daily basis.

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Mike Enos is the owner of PlatinumPowerSeller.com and stands out from any other eBay expert I've personally come across. Mike offers various products at his Platinum Power Seller including eBay Training CDs, eBook collections, Software tools, and a training and mentoring program. Mike charges up to $300 for half an hours of training/support over the phone, although this can be broke up into two 15 minute calls. Mike Enos offers a Fun Freebie Friday newsletter, though PlatinumPowerSeller.com that introduces readers to valuable offers like ebay software and a bunch of other things that can help readers be more successful at ebay. Mike Enos is definitely someone to learn from in terms of mastering marketing on Ebay.

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