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Mike Dillard has exploded onto the guru scene over the past few years. I purchased his "Magnetic Sponsoring" manual to see what it was all about. What he does in the MLM world is show people that continue to chase their freinds and family a different way to be successful in any network marketing company.

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After reading the manual from beginning to end I realized that it was similar to what I learned and taught people as well. Mike's strategies in my opinion are the best techniques to use if you want to be successful in any multi level marketing organization.

One of the first things that Mr. Dillard teaches is that people search for information before they ever decide to belong to any network marketing company. Mike also stated that you should position yourself as the person that provides that information to them.

Mike then shows you the whole strategy that you should use to get prospects to seek you instead of the other way around. This is why he calls it Magnetic Sponsoring. I believe that if used properly, the techniques that Mike Dillard teach can be very powerful, even for those that couldn't find success in other techniques.

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