Michel Fortin

Michel Fortin is a successful Copywriter and Marketing Coach and has produced copy for some (if not most!) of the Gurus on GuruDAQ. Michel Fortin wrote the sales letter for John Reese's Traffic Secrets. Thanks to Micheal John Reese's Traffic Secrets generated over a million in only one day. Michel Fortin had already made a lot of money in the brick and mortor world before getting online. Michel Fortin has sold many millions of dollars worth of products with his writing skills. Michel Fortin has been in the direct response copywriting business for over 15 years.

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He has written for well known marketers like Yanik Silver, Frank Kern, John Reese, and Stephen Pierce. Many that have joined Michel Fortin's Copy Doctor site have reported good experiences and claim to have acquired alot of useful copywriting info. His information appears to be very detailed and he teaches his students a lot of different ways to see if your ad copy is effective. Michel Fortin even personal critiques handfuls of lucky students sales letters and gives them serious advice that usually helps turn up the volume on sales. I obviously recommend the teaching of Michel Fortin.

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