Michael Wong

All About Michael Wong 

Michael Wong is the creator and owner of Mike's Marketing Tools and AMGY.com, which are web sites that research and review different internet marketing authors, services, books, and software. He's written thousands of articles and reviews on various internet marketing topics, so Michael know his business. 

Michael started out as Dr. Michael Wong, but he's now known as Dr. Mike after leaving his medical practice to go on to make millions in the internet marketing industry. Michael taught himself search engine optimization, but I guess if he can get through medical school SEO was probably a piece of cake. He began his online venture in 1997 and began purchasing courses to learn how to start an online business. Michael now teaches what he's learned to many people all over the internet. He even claims to have personally optimized over four thousand web pages, which is a huge accomplishment in itself.

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Michael's website reviews marketing tools for several different areas of online marketing. I can see why Mike makes millions in affiliate marketing. According to sources, a lot of Michael's products and services weren't created by him. He paid others to do the work for him. Michael knows how to leverage his time by letting others take care of the tasks that one man couldn't do on his own. When it comes to search engine marketing, I have to say that Michael is one of the best. If you haven't purchased any of Michael's products yet, I recommend that you look into it..



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