Is Matthew Lesko A Scam?

The Truth About Matthew Lesko And Government Grants

Matthew Lesko has become very popular for his infomercials on TV about government grants. Mr. Lesko began his career as a financial advisor, and is now the government grants super hero. He starting his career by helping many clients manage their money. He then came up with the concept of helping average people with getting money from government funds. Mr.Lesko claims that he can provide you with methods to receive cash from the government.

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Mr. Lesko claims that the government has a lot of money in the form of government grants. Lesko’s book reveals the ways and concepts behind getting money from government sources. Most of the info in the book has been collected from different sources on the internet it seems. Although these ideas aren't new,it's not as simple as Matthew claims it is to get money from the government. You need to fill out a lot forms, and a lot of the money is for specific people and it is not clear if you're eligible for these funds. Another major problem is that it would take weeks or even years to get money from the government. Matthew does offer some good advice, but you can get most of this information free online yourself.

Government programs change a lot and you need to update information frequently. The book however, does not have up to date information. It would have been  better if Matthew showed you exactly how to get government funds, but he doesn't. And even if you are lucky enough to receive any money, in most cases it won't be that much.

I can't say that I recommend Matthew Lesko and his government grants book and audio.


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This Ends the review of Matthew Lesko