Matthew Lesko

Matthew Lesko, the guy dressed like the riddler, sells a book on government grants, loans and other programs. A lot of the info is old and you can even learn a lot of it for free. Matthew Lesko doesn't really give any useful information. The book only benefits a handful of people that fall into very specific categories. Matthew's statements are rather misleading they basically imply to the consumer that he government is just giving away money for the most frivolous of things.

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After a visit to the site and the viewing of some of the examples given of potential grant sums to be acquired the case scenarios are very extreme and no concrete time frames are given. Honestly a lot of the information given is for all practical purposes is not worth the almost $50 he charges. The purpose of the American government giving is citizen Government grants to my knowledge to inspire innovation and economic empowerment and prosperity among it citizens. So if what your requesting money for does not benefit Society then you may want to look into starting a business. Matthew Lesko is grossly misleading people about how easy it is to acquire government grant funding.

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