Market America Review

All About Market America

Market America is a network marketing/MLM company that distributes consumer products. Based in Greensboro, North Carolina, it contracts with individuals who serve as "independent distributors" or IBOs of its products. In addition to selling Market America products to consumers, these independent distributors are motivated by Market America to bring others in to join with Market America as independent distributors. If these other people--who often consist of friends, family, or acquaintance of an IBO sign up with Market America, then they become a part of the "downline" of the independent distributor who recruited them. Independent distributors receive sales commissions on products they sell to consumers and also receive sales commissions on products sold by those independent distributors in their downlines.

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There have been a few legal issues with Market America and some of its distributors because they tried to "look into" other opportunities. It's kind of funny though because they and other copnaies like them call you independent but one wrong moves and they'll stop all your checks from coming in and basically fire you like a boss. I really can't see that as independent, I see it as more like being a job.

market America has an interesting pay plan but just like a lot of MLMs, you need to recruit like a champ to make any real long term money.

As you've probably guessed, because of some of these findings I can't recommend Market America.


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This Ends The Review Of Market America