Mark Hendricks

Mark Hendricks is Known to many as the Grandmaster of list building which is a title that he definitely lives up to. In his latest downloadable audio How to Create and reuse Content in Multiple media for Traffic Leads and Profits... time and time again. With list building being a very essential part of marketing online Mark Hendricks feels, to spend all of the time it takes to get targeted traffic to your site why not get the most out the traffic instead of constantly trying to acquire new visitors?

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Mark Hendricks has a new course called "How to build and profit from your own lists." List building is very critical to the internet marketer because with so many scams and fly-by-night opportunities people tend to want to secure good sources of good information and return shop with you if you happen to be a good source. The list you build helps you launch products or refer services to people that truly benefit. Many marketer make the mistake of not properly building a list which cuts down their repeat buyers and no one buys like a repeat customer! I definitely recommend the teaching of Mark Hendricks.

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