Mal Emery

Mal Emery teaches that there is no shortcut to success. It requires a lot of hard work and determination to start a business and make it yield profits. The fact he institutes a lot of ethical business practices get him a large amount of respect from his peers in the business communities in which he decides to operate. He buys a business, makes it into a profitable and the sells it at a larger price. He bought a rundown café for about $30,000 and in only 5 months sold it for $230,000. Another example is, he bought a lunch bar for $145,000 and sold it at $385,000 after 18 months.

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When Mal Emery undertook his first business things didn't always go this way is took a few hard knocks along the way to give him the experience he has today. At only 22 years old he established his business. He had lost his job and had a lot of pressure on him from mortgage payments but he stayed focused and succeed. He also wrote a book titled "Sell Your Business the Easy Way” that has acclaimed genuine accolades. Now he teaches other people about how to excel in the business through his direct mail order study course that goes over how to make your business more profitable using mail order. I obviously recommend the teachings of Mal Emery.

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