Madison Dynamics

Madison Dynamics is Co-owned by the same person that owns Get Response e-mail autoresponder- Simon Grabowski. Get response in it's self is a very good product. Madison dynamics how ever has been associated with spamming to get members. I went to the sight and there is no Company or business opportunity info. No company phone no. Then they ask me for all my information like:

Name: Email Address: Daytime Phone: Evening Phone: State/Province: ZIP/Postal code: Country:

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 The site asked for all this information but did not give me any of the same kind of information. Here's the problem I can't stand "opportunities" which are so secret they can't even disclose what the product or service is. There is no contact info or anything. Even though Simon Grabowski has an excellent service with the Get Response auto responder service I can't really say anything good about this one. Never give information to a site that doesn't give adequate contact information. Then research the site, call the phone no., check the address, do you due diligence.

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