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Lynn Terry is an inspiration to woman every where that want to make it as work at home moms. Her business exploits started when both Lynn and her husband started a computer monitor repair shop for businesses. They then discovered that a lot of small businesses needed more than their monitors repaired. They needed training on how to use computers, web development, and general guidance on the technical side of running a business. Both Lynn and her husband saw opportunity to fill a much needed hole for these business owners, so what they did is form a group of over 42 professional that filled the needs that the small business owners couldn't live without.

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Lynn and her husband grew the business into a six figure enterprise within three years. But although business was going well, their marriage wasn't. They soon parted ways which resulted in their business struggling. Lynn followed her passion though and created a internet based resource for people that wanted to work at home called . As the editor of Self-Starters Weekly Tips, that claims to be able to provide tips, articles and resources to help everyone make more money and get more traffic on their online business, she has helped many people gain the knowledge needed to be successful online. Lynn Terry claims to have been in business since 1996 and offers a wide range of business development and online marketing experience as well as successfully building her own internet business. Lynn Terry has now risen to the top of her industry and is a shining example of what a little perseverance and determination can do for you. As you can probably tell, I recommend the teachings of Lynn Terry.

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