Lotto International

As a result of being greedy a lot of naive people fall for scams like Lotto International. Therefore, it is best to stay away from such rediculous international lottery scams. elderly people, living on social security, are a vast majority of the victims. These older people don't thin twice about parting with their personal information and credit card details in the hope of making easy money. No only will you not see any money but then the scamsters take your card and make all kinds of ridiculous charges so you actually end up in a very bad financial situation.

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None of these online lotteries are legal there for you should not participate. You should never share personal financial details like bank account number and credit card numbers with strangers especially people online. It is advisable to avoid visiting questionable sites with no contact information very limited contact info i.e.. just a name and a email address no physical address no phone no etc., These sites and links are usually copies of the original websites and cleverly designed to imitate the original and mislead people. It is easy to detect such sites if one carefully analyzes the content of the site and the contact details, which will invariably list a cell phone number and no address. An intelligent way to avoid these mails is to report to the authorities to verify the claims and to return the mails to the concerned local postmaster. Due Diligence and common sense are the only sure ways to avoid falling for lottery scams.

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