Lonnie Scruggs

Lonnie Scruggs’s book Deals on Wheels takes account of how you can get a make as low 50% to as much as 175% on mobile homes. Lonnie Scruggs’s book gives the secrets of financing and selling used mobile homes to generate huge profits. Lonnie Scruggs’ personal experiences are in the book so the guidelines he tells you to follow you can rest assured he follows himself. Lonnie Scruggs’s books: Deals on Wheels, Making Money with Mobile Homes and other courses have a different and easy to understand approach to making money with mobile homes. Lonnie Scruggs’s is very direct which makes it simpler to understand. Many critics have hailed Lonnie Scruggs’s books highly informative and insightful. The two books go over fundamental principles of negotiation, investment analysis, and other aspects of cash flow.

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Lonnie Scruggs got into the business of discounted notes and mortgages after years of being a property owner and looking to increase his bottom line. Over time, it became harder to find good notes and found another way by selling, buying and financing used mobile homes. Lonnie Scruggs’s book are not for the faint of heart and some readers consider his techniques he advocate bordering on unethical. On the other hand there are many that feel the book is helpful for many property owners who are tired of dealing with their properties yet wish to keep making money.

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