ListDotCom Review

Does ListDotCom Work?

ListDotCom is a program created by Mike Filsaime to help those that don't have an opt-in list have the benefits of an opt-in list. One of the benefits is that you can pay a $97 and you'll be allowed to send out emails on a regular bases to the ListDotCom members.

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One of the negatives to a system like this is that it took me sending out dozens of emails before I saw any success at all. One of the positives to this type of system though is that this can give you a lot of practice as to what you should and shouldn't do when sending out emails to subscribers. The ultimate goal for anyone running an internet business should be to start your own list with your own auto responder.

Creating your own opt-in list is one of the best things you can do for your internet business. Mike has made a good effort to give people realistic expectations when they join ListDotCom. If you use it properly, it can be a great learning tool to teach you the fundamentals of what email marketing is all about. The one thing you should realize though is that building your list the right way is more important than 90% of what you can do to market to your customers.

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This Ends The Review Of ListDotCom