Lifestyles International

Lifestyles International has branches in Indonesia, Poland, Great Britain, The United States, Canada, Singapore, and the Phillipines. With 250,000 mambers in more than 30 countries appears to be a pretty good opportunity for growth and it is. LIfestyles International did not take the market by storm when it first alucned but new has grown to be a multi-national, multi-million dollar company. Lifestyles manufacture and ditributes anti-aging products. Popular products of Lifestyles International are Rapid Results, Intra® botanical blend, HARPER botanicals, Vigor Weight Loss System, and personal care products, nutritious Dream Bars, Lifecycles® vitamin, mineral and food supplements, Nutria, and Envirolife biodegradable cleaners, high-fiber cookies, biodegradable cleaners, etc.

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These products help increase circulation, give uses more natuaral energy, Detoxify the body, decrease the risk of cancer, reduce the signs of aging etc. Dr. Albert Leung is the creator of these herbal remidies and is the creator of an herbal medicine for the National Cancer Institue. As an independant distributor you earn monthly commissions through your monthly sales volume of business. While at first glance Lifestyles International appears to be a solid opportunity their a many pitfalls that are just unavoidable with any MLM buisness: duplication and Recruiting. These two aspects of multi-level Marketing make it hard to achieve to kinds of results many hope for when starting the business. Nowadays these aspects are no longer a serious obstacle in the way of multi-level marketers if they employ the power of internet marketing. Through the genration of targeted traffic via squeeze pages, pay-per-click campaigns, email capture pages, posting in forums etc. MLMers can achieve some pretty good results. For more information on an ebook that familiarizes you with these concepts click here.

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