Laura Johnson

Laura Johnson believes, "you don't know the quality of something unless you buy it." -- a very famous quote taken from her insightful book "Close the Sale". Laura Johnson went to Georgia Institute of Real Estate where she graduate in 1995 and in 1999 became vice president of West Metro Board of Realtors. Laura Johnson has 10 years of experience in the real estate business and guides her students through every thing from residential properties to commercial and rental properties. In her course she provides guidance and assistance to many interested in making serious income from the real estate market. I am also recieving reports that the course she offers is not entirely her own and that it is more of a partnership with her and real estae guru David Gates. That doesn't mean that the info isn't any good, just that they did a joint venture together which can be very profitable for both parties. 

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However, future issues caused them to become rivals. Laura advocates the use of placing advertisements which will stunt the grownth of those trying to create real estate business without deep pocket to pay for the level of promotions she suggests. Personally, If you're going to get into real estate make sure you are very determined and have a good coach to give you pointers so that you maximize time and blow the least amount of money learning things the hard way. I personally have found a simpler business that I can operate from home that pays like real estate with fewer risks.

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