Kleeneze was started in 1923 and is still going strong now. Kleeneze has been bought out by Findel PLC in 2007. Their representatives market over 2500 products through the use of detailed catalogues and deliver the products to the consumer after they are ordered. Customers have access to every thing from cooking aid to beauty products to cleaning products. Kleeneze is the oldest network marketing company in Europe. And is a solid opportunity to earn income. Kleeneze was one of the founding members of the direct selling association and donates a percentage of their fund to Macmillan cancer relief. The only thing is that a company that has been in business that long has to have a lot of members. Not to say that there isn't any opportunity to make money, it just may be a bit of a challenge with the market being so saturated.

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When an opportunity such as the one with Kleeneze has reached a point where thousands of people either have heard of it or are involved, it's always a good idea to test the market before joining. Ask a few friends if they've heard of the opportunity. It's very likely that if your friends and family have already heard of it and don't have a positive opinion on it, you may want to do a little more research to see if the opportunity is worth being a part of. This is especially true for a business opportunity where they want you to approach your friends and family.

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