Keyword Elite

Keyword Elite is a keyword research software that really tackles a whole set of issues in one keyword research tool it is the first to do so. With the five projects that Keyword Elite has you are able to tackle different purposes and helps you with your keyword research. It makes it possible for you to create some large keyword lists in as little as a few minutes. What happens is you choose main keyword and a source like Yahoo, Google, Ask, Wordtracker, Overture and so on and the Keyword Elite searches and brings back sometimes thousands of keywords.

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With Keyword Elite you even receive a useful filter tool that allows you only to obtain the keywords your looking for. There's also an automatic upload to your Google Adwords account through the software. Then there is also and absolute killer feature that shows you current ads in Google that are being displayed for specific keywords and you use this before making your own ad. With project 2 Keyword Elite this part allows you to analyze the keywords in more detail and is useful for both Adsense and Adwords. Project 3 Keyword Elite allows you to search for keyword in an inbuilt database of a little over 2 million keywords. Next, in Project 4 Keyword Elite allows you to analyze a keyword to see why it's ranking so well breaking down each of the top ranking website of your choice as well and displays on page factors that affect the rankings. Lastly with Project 5 Keyword Elite this feature comes from direct marketing where you examine Ads that have been running for a while in order to spot markets that are profitable. Overall this course is for people who are serious about making money online. It helps by showing you things that previously had to be done manually and therefore saves you a lot of money.

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