The Truth About Kevin Wilke

All About Kevin Wilke

Kevin Wilke has been marketing online since 96. He says that he can increase profits of websites without involving much work. He also runs many affiliate programs. Kevin is the founder of PureNetProfits, the first performance-based company of its kind. His company also responsible for sites like,, and 

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Matt Gill, Kevin's partner is an expert in studying trends and forecasting trends. He a good opportunity when he sees one and uses this to increase profits. His marketing savvy has helped him become very successful online. Matt's an expert network marketer, mentor, and business owner. He used to be a Program Manager for Allegiance Telecom, but of course that was only a stepping stone for him. 

Kevin Wilke and Matt Gill have come together to create Nitro Marketing. They've combined their internet marketing skills to provide valuable information about direct marketing online. Of course you know that two successful heads are always better than one. Matt and Kevin own over fifty websites, and they use their experience to teach others to do the same. They have created products in the areas of internet marketing software, tools, and services like NameStick, AffiliateBootCamp, NitroAffiliates, NitroWebCasts, and NitroListBuilder.

Kevin and Matt to boost affiliate commissions with products such as, TNT-power formula. These techniques break down the automatic sales resistance of buyers and turns unmotivated buyers into highly responsive buyers of your products. I have to say that I really liked what I've seen from these guys so far.


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