Ken Silver

Ken Silver the man behind the honest lotto system tell you that he has a secret formula the will make you a winner 8 out of ten times. He claims that his lotto system is the real deal and that it really works. All those that market lotto systems Claim that their system is superior. At one point in time my mother in law says she had a guaranteed system for playing the lotto and she still loses every time. The bottom line is that there really is no way to trick or manipulate a government regulated game of chance. If there was I surely would not sell it to the entire world for 39.95! I truly would keep it to myself and just magically make money and no one would ever know. If I just got tired of winning I'd sell the secret for $10,000 dollars not 39.95.

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I personally see it like a serious case of irony that the people that are always looking to make the easy money seem to be the easiest to fool. I don't advocate lotto systems because that to me is the equivalent of advocating a mathematical way to play Russian roulette. If you are not serious about actually making income then I recommend you go out and purchase every lotto system known to man. However if you honestly want to earn money like you won the lotto then either email me or click the link below.

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