Keith Wellman Review

All About Kieth Wellman

Keith Wellman is the author of ViralFx & ListFx, they are marketing courses designed to show you how to benefit from what is called “Viral Marketing” and creating an opt-in list.

After purchasing both of Mr. Wellman's course I was actually pretty impressed. What Keith does very well is he gathers a group of experts together that teach you all the aspects of viral marketing and list building.

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Keith involves every known expert possible from Gary Halbert to Michael Wong. I especially liked the audio portions because I was able to listen to them while I was driving and not spend a lot of time reading. There's actually one technique I use on a daily basis with my online business that makes me a full time income all by itself.

So the bottom line is that the strategies that Keith Wellman teaches work if you apply them, and I've actually figured out the lazy way to apply Keith's techniques in my business.  


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