Joseph M Kaiser

Joseph M Kaiser is a very knowledgeable expert in the intricacies of real estate deals not just in theory but in reality. Some of his stronger focuses are lease options and foreclosures. After attending a seminar he got his start in real estate in the 80's. Presently Joseph M Kaiser sells his real estate courses and strategies and deals in about 40-50 properties a year.

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Some Joseph M Kaiser products are:

- 37 Ways to Bulletproof Every Foreclosure deal
- The ultimate Lease Option Strategy
- Mitigate This
- The Short Sale
- The Hunt for Abondoned Properties
- Alternative for Investors on the Cutting Edge
- Automated Software: Property Aquisition Package

Joseph M Kaiser suggests hat abondoned properties are virtually inexpensive and hold the key to making large profits. He also suggest not using your own money but letting the final buyer pay. Within Joe's course he manages to outline strategies of how to maximize profits while minimizing your risks with these properties.

However there are some questionable strategies that Joeseph employs. Strategies like lease-option investors can bypass setting off the due on sale clause in the properties mortgage if done right but he does not disclose exactly how that is done.

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