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 John Commuta Review 

John Cummuta offers a free tape on How to Get Out of the grips of Debt. Most of Mr. Cummuta's ideas and strategies though will probably be things you already know. Sometimes though it can take hearing these tips from an expert that can help a lot of people.

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John Cummuta offers a downloadable Transferring Debt into Wealth Book for $39.95 and if you aren't satisfied for any reason within a year he will pay your $39.95 back plus another $39.95. He will however ask you to write a personal descriptive letter/email to explain why you were not satisfied with his product. Of course most people won't do this, but that is a pretty good guarantee.

John Cummuta also offers other products such as: Learn Real Estate investing techniques, Learn to Market your products or ideas to the world wide web, Stock market investing, Business Marketing, and Personal Finance. These products do come with mentoring.


After a few reviews on John Commuta, It sounds to me as though everything he teaches can be found on the internet and nothing different than what other advisors would tell you. John speaks about a few different ways you can make money, but doesn't really give specific details. So if you want info on making money, Mr. Cummuta probably isn't the best bet for that.

This ends the review of John Cummuta Commuta

Since I review Gurus for a living I have found most of them to be a waste of time.

But there are a few that put a lot of money in my pocket.

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