Joe Sugarman

Joe Sugarman has become a very successful businessman due mostly to his expert marketing techniques. Mr. Sugarman has helped many companies increase their sales by learning how to market their products properly. Joe has many well known books and audios. Everything from Advertsing Secrets Of The Written Word to Triggers: 30 Sales Tools You Can Use To Control The Mind Of Your Prospects have been extremely successful.

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Joe and his company JS & A Group Inc. brought many electronic gadgets to the public eye by using successful marketing techniques. Any direct marketer would have loved to see some of his full page ads for everything from calculators to cordless phones. Many marketing and mail order companies copied every strategy that his company came up with because they were so successful. Let's not forget that Joe was Direct Marketing Man Of The Year back in 1979 and people are still willing to pay for his information till this day. This just show the extreme value that Joe Sugarman has brought to an industry that, without him, would struggle to make change.

As you can probably guess we recommend almost anything by Joe Sugarman.

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