Jimmy Napier

Good ole country boy Jimmy Napier left his job in the big city and jumped right into the real estate business. He participated in classes. He went to seminars, and did everything he could to learn more about business. Jimmy Napier made it his business to learn the technical aspects of trading, financing, and buying real estate. Two years later he went on to establish his own brokerage firm. Since Jimmy Napier already had excellent communication skills he put alot of his theories, teaching, and personal experience down on Cd's, cassette tapes, and books. some of Jimmy Napiers products include: -Invest in Debt -Basic Paper Course -70 Cash flow and wealth building Ideas and -The Power of Negotiating.

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These are just some of the products that Jimmy Napier offers. Jimmy Napier also has his own newsletter called the Money Maker Report. He teaches the "Napier Method" of real estate at various seminars. One of the seminars is called the Real Estate All Stars Conference. Jim Napier has had his share of downfalls but that didn't stop him from becoming one of the best national lecturers and instructors according to Creative Real Estate Magazine. Jime Napier is sought after constantly by real estate groups wanting him to conduct seminars and classes. Jim Napier is known as the father of the private mortgage investment industry and will continue to soar in his career.

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