Jeff Mulligan Review

All About Jeff Mulligan

Jeff Mulligan is the go to guy when it comes to Clickbank. If you don't know about Clickbank, it is a online storefront where people can put downloadable products which can then be sold by the many Clickbank affiliates. Many of the Guru's sell their products through Clickbank, such as The RichJerk.

Mr. Mulligan has designed CBMall as a way to give you a personalized version of the Clickbank storefront for your site.

Besides his primary products, Mulligan takes advantage of his mailing list by regularly sending out links to other affiliate products, and indeed that accounts for huge portions of his income.

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Credit Card IQ is a video tutorial series from Jeff Mulligan showing the process to set up and manage affiliates and how to set up a ClickBank account. Jeff Mulligan has shared his marketing experience in articles contributed to various sources and most recently has shared his own phishing experience in a effort to help others from falling victim.

Jeff has a lot of good products, but I have figured out a few tricks to make his techniques even more powerful.

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 This ends the review of Jeff Mulligan