Jay P Decima

Jay P Decima has a lot to offer to real estate investors with his real estate knowledge of over 45 years. He's put this knowledge into books like Profit big in real estate and Investing in fixer uppers. THere are other books but those two stick out in my mind. Investing in Fixer uppers teaches how to profit buy renovating propeties and making them more atttractive to future buyers. The only drawback of some of his material is that he gives everything the "I'm a good old country boy" edge. Sometime even goes as far as to put an anti-modern technology spin on his real estate investing advice in other words suggesting you not use a computer for analyzing and managing your real estate. His thinking has got him this far and he is very successful. His seminars are held three times a year.

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He holds siminars on Fixing rundown houses, Managing for money, and trade secrets. His techinques are very sound and good but alot of investors don't gravitate twords his good old boy style. I would definitly suggest if your look to involve yourself in something as high-risk as real estate a person like Jay P Decima can definitly give a few pointers with 45 years expierience under his belt just do you full due dilligience before implementing them. If you aren't serious as a heart attack about investing in real estate there are far simpler home based businesses that yeild high profit with far less risk. I can think of two of them just of the top of my head. Real Estate is an industry that is extremely volatile and people losing hundreds of thousand of dollars so really do your research before diving in head first.

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