Jay Conrad Levinson

Jay Conrad Levinson is one of the most well known Internet Marketing Specialist. He taught guerrilla marketing for about ten years in California. Jay Levinson has also been on the 3Com small Business Advisory Board and on the small Business Council. Not only that Jay Levinson also does a column every month in this magazine called the Entrepreneur Magazine. He writes articles for the Inc. Magazine and columns that are online which are published every month on the GTE and Microsoft websites. Jay Conrad Levinson is known for his famous Guerilla Marketing techniques.

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Jay's Guerilla Marketing package is a number of books a fabulous cd-rom, newsletter, internet website, a videotape on Guerilla marketing and a consulting agency. All of these things you get at an affordable rate and the product is sure to help you achieve much profit. He is also an author of many business and marketing books. Guerilla Marketing is the name of one of his famous works of all time. His works have been so beneficial that they come in more than 30 different languages worldwide.

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