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Jason "The Profit" Moffatt is one of my favorite "internet gurus". I shouldn't even call him an internet guru because he's so down to earth. He was voted as the Underaciever of the year in 2005. I like this guy because he's honest and down to earth. One of the products that he's popular for right now is Niche Browser. You can read what one of his customers had to say about it below.

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Niche Browser program:
This program is supposed to help you discover markets and also find things to give away as bonuses such as audio content, articles, videos, and more.Some of the things you can do with the software are, generalize during the signup process I noticed a very powerful Affiliate Marketing Strategy which was so powerful, I just had to tell you about it. During the signup process, I noticed that JUST FOR SIGNING up into the affiliate program, he gives you $20 as a SIGNUP BONUS. Hmmmm.I thought about this for a while after I signed up. Let’s say you sell a $97 product and you pay out lets say 50% so roughly you payout $50 for every sale. Well on the first sale from this affiliate, you would pay them $70. Would this motivate affiliates to get the first sale? I don’t know, but I believe its worth a very serious look at testing it. Just imagine the the marketing you can use… I’ll Give you $20 Just To Signup For My Affiliate Program. Doesn’t that sound great?

Keyword Search and Query Tools, Categorized Keyword Search, etc. Niche Browser is insanely powerful, yet extrememly simple to use once you understand the basics of its design.Now, I do not think that Jason Moffatt's Niche Browser will make-or-break your internet marketing ventures, but it does seem to be able to save you a lot of time.

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