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Investools is a company that trains those that are interested in learning about the stock market.  Investools main product is a market education and analysis tool to help you make the most of the education that they provide you. The $3,000 that you invest in your training however, is not a guarantee that you'll actually make money.

Most people that I talked to that were interested in Investools were really just looking for that "magic pill" that would instantly help them make all the right moves in the stock market.

Through my research of Investools, I found out that less than half of the people that I talked to that paid for training ever made a dime from their new found education. Of course as you know, most of the people that forked over their cash never did a thing with the system or their education. One person I talked to said he was just too overwhelmed and he felt that if he invested money that he would probably lose. Of course trading stock is no simple science but if I invested $3000 I'd have to go down with the ship before I quit.

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With the money I'm generating with my internet business, about a year ago I invested a whole years worth of salary into the stock market, but within 9 months I'd lost 40% of my original investment. That's all I needed to see about the stack market to know it wasn't for me. Now, I didn't used Investools, but I paid more than that for some so called hot shot stock broker. So if he could lose that much of my money within 9 months I new the stock game wasn't for me. I would have atleast tripled my money if I had used the funds for my internet business, but I guess I wouldn't have known if I didn't try.

Now I do believe that if you want to be a serious investor that Investools would save you a lot of time, but don't fool yourself into thinking that's it's going to just create winning trades for you.

Investools is a tool, and  just like any other tool you have to learn how to use it properly in order to be successful.

My last point though is that if you're going to invest in Investools make sure you read their return policy because I got a couple emails saying that they couldn't get a refund from the company.

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