Internet Malls

Internet Malls are everywhere but, "Are people making money and are people happy?" is the the question people should be asking. The answer is shockingly no. After a recent poll, a large amount of people (about 90 percent) that purchased online malls for anywhere from $3000-$5,000 dollars are not financially prospering in other words not making money. Is it totally their fault? No. However, I will say that the sellers of these internet do a majority of the selling of these sites of line to a large group of people that are pretty much ignorant to how the internet works.

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People use search engine to find what they are looking for on the internet because it is alot simpler that sifting through a whole bunch of stores and sections of a online mall. OUt of the three diffent types of online mall formats I only see one that is benificial and it is the internet mall that is set up like a organized list of links to other sites that offer the product of service that a person is looking for. These kinds of mall listings are free or inexpensive and benifit you because you don't have to rely on the mall host or traffc to make you money.

I think what happens is that people see visions of people logging on and buying Products from them and never ask themselves, "Is this really going to work?" then they just jump in. Don't get me wrong there are a five percent of people that own Internetmalls that are having great success but most are not. The key is internet marketing which is what is responsible for my financial security today. Malls need traffic traffic and more traffic and most aren't getting it. I am recieveing reports revieling that peoples mall sites meta tags are all wrong and there are actual spelling errors with sites. I obviously don't recommend buying an internet mall or for that matter paying someone to build one. I can think of two opprtunities off the top of my head that are more sustainable and sensible than owning an internet mall.

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