Intelliiz is a rare company in that it is a not for profit mentoring individuals serious about investing in realestate. They claim to have a good reputation with the BBB and epublic eye and upon further scrutiny I found this to be true. The reason they don't charge for help is that they feel that since they have been blessed with success they will pass on the blessing to others which I think is very noble. In business for 15 years+, they help others in need of a true real estate investment education.

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They offer a course called a "A Simple Man's Guide to Real Estate Investing" and according to various sources covers all aspects of real estate investing like Tax lien sales, certificates and foreclosures, even no money down methods like the ones Carlton SHeets cover are availiable in this course.

The thing about Real Estate investing is that it can be very high risk and many people get burned. I can think of two businesses right now that can generate a serious income with far less risk involved than that of Real Estate Investing. However if you insist upon giving it a shot I would say Intellibiz does appear like a good resource for information on real estate investing but I think the more experienced real estate investor benifits from this information. As stated above there are simpler ways I use to generate a realistic, steady income for my family and I to live on.

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