Host 4 profit

Host4 profit is a hosting company that has a focus in the profitable e-commerce website niche. By rewarding it's members with a recurring $10 monthly commission it allows member the opportunity to generate a steady monthly income for reffering. however some people feel there is a problem with that strategy. Since all the company offers is hosting people eventually may fall off if they for some reason don't want to keep paying monthly for their website. So in reality I wouldn't make this my only income stream.

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For those that don't know hosting is a service where a company rents out space on their server and allow you to upload pages of you website. First you must ourchase a domain name and them transfer it over to the host. most host allow you to see things like hits and unique visitors So you can see if any one visited your site and where and when they did.

What host you chose can have a significant effect on the accessability of you site from other peoples computers as well as you sites uptime and ability to hanle traffic that you send to it. host 4 profit claims to be a profit machine and maybe it is but again that is based on recruiting others and retaining them as a customer so just keep that in mind.

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