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Product Review: Mark Joyners Farewell Package


Mark Joyner, one of the Internets premier Internet marketers, has decided to quit and make available most of the ebooks and source code that made him rich. His 20 CD package includes the code that cost him millions of dollars in development fees and all his ebooks, with resale rights. It also includes revealing interviews that he did with other leading marketers.

As you might expect, the package doesnt come cheap, and those of you with no programming skills will probably find yourself shelling out even more money to have the source code turned into something you can actually use or sell. Plus Mark will be selling 2000 of the packages, which means 1999 competitors, right?

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Yes, the package does cost more than your average info product, but just think how much it cost Mark to get that stuff together, not to mention how much it made him. The source code alone amounted to over a million dollars of work by some highly experienced programmers and it brought Mark many more millions in profits. It will need some tweaking by someone with some experience, but the potential rewards are immense.

And then there are these 1999 other people with exactly the same source code, information and audio interviews. Well, there is so much on this CD that very few, if any, buyers could possibly use it all, including you. Of course, that which you do use, youll need to put something into yourself. Get creative and differentiate to succeed. Learn from others, but run your business in your own way to get to where you want to go.

Mark Joyner ranks as one of the top Internet marketers today, if not the top. He has been using the Internet almost since its inception and pioneered many Internet business ideas. Selling ebooks, viral marketing, e-mail marketingyou name it, Mark was there at the beginning. That overused term, Internet guru, truly applies to him.

Mark Joyners Farewell Package includes some great ebooks that you can resell, the likes of Confidential Internet Intelligence Manuscript, How I Became an Amazon #1 Best-Seller, in 48 Hours and Online Casino Cash Cows. It also comes with source code to a start page network system (currently generating over $80,000 a month), a viral marketing system, affiliate marketing tools, a membership site management system, customer service tools, MLM management software plus loads of PC based programs.

On top of that, it includes hours and hours of interviews where Mark reveals everything about making money online. Top Internet gurus will always reveal loads of great info in their products, but they always have to hold back a few highly guarded secrets. Now Mark doesnt have to worry about that anymore, and trust me, he doesnt hold anything back.

This package is well organized in a manner that makes anything you want easy to find. The interviews, which were recorded especially for the package and are not available elsewhere, also follow through logically.

Whilst this program does seem well organized, programmers have reported one or two missing files from some of the source code. Fortunately, all purchasers of the farewell package get access to a users group where any such problems are dealt with and missing files can be downloaded.

The package includes so much, that it can seem overwhelming at first. You may find it easiest to review everything in the package and then write out exactly how you plan to use it. I know it will take a bit of time, but itll save you a whole lot more in the end.

Now, I was as skeptical as the next person about this package at first. Can it really be as good as it says? Would Mark really give away all his secrets, whether hes leaving the business or not? Well, my concerns were soon answered once the package arrived. Mark does indeed hold nothing back. You get almost everything that he used to make $1,000,000s a year online.

Overall, Mark Joyners Farewell Package surely represents a huge opportunity to many people. From those just starting out in Internet business to established online marketing names to web programmers, this package will give you a massive boost in the right direction. Despite some minor problems, it easily warrants my highest rating: a big 10 out of 10.

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