Honest Riches

Honest Riches is written by Holly Mann a woman who served as a military Journalist, Photograper, and Website Designer. Eventually while trying to care for her child Holly made the decisicion to move from the U.S to Thailand where the cost of living was much cheaper. It was in Thailand that Holly claims she went from making $700 dollars a month to $12,000 in a 4 month period. She claims to outline exactly how she did this in her e-book Honest Riches and even says that now she continues to earn 10k to 12K a month.

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One of the differences about Honest Riches is that there is not much hype. When you go to her site it is very straight to the point. It does spend the first two pages talking about how much money she makes and what she bought with it. This e-book is not meant for internet marketer who are already making a healthy living because a lot of the strategies and techniques she explores you'll probably already be using. But what this tell you is that you should see some type of semetry within the different products that you buy. If you find a product that seems good but there is not one familiar point that you've ever heard of or read somewhere you might want to take a second and do some more research on it.

This book is mostly for beginners or people who have not been seeing a good return on their projects. If your just starting out or looking for a fresh start this e-book can help you get to where you want to be. The information is straight forward and easy to read. she also has a online forum where you can ask any question you may have of other members and her as well. Click here to go to HonestRiches.com

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