Is Holly Mann Legit?

Or Is Holly Mann A Scam?

Holly Mann who?I know you've heard of The Rich Jerk, but have you ever heard of Holly Mann? Holly Mann is a disabled veteran who spent time as a military journalist and web designer for the Army. When Holly Mann received an honorable discharge from the Army she worked in Baghdad as a contractor and now at the age of 24, she is an internet marketer living in Thailand. That's a true fairy tale if I ever heard one in my opinion. But on a serious note Holly's story should be motivating to those that think they have no chance to make money online.

Holly Mann wrote an ebook she sells on her "Thank You Rich Jerk" website. Her ebook talks about some general tactics to make money online found in The Rich Jerk, but with a few twists. 

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1. The Thank You Rich Jerk ebook DOES NOT not discuss unethical ways to make customers buy, which are present in the Rich Jerk book. To be honest though many people say some of his tactics are unethical, but he's made million before selling any Jerk ebook and he'll continue to make millions after.

2. The Thank You Rich Jerk ebook offers money making ideas that are a lot more practical and easier to apply when compared to what the The Rich Jerk. Although, on the internet, easier doesn't mean better.

3. The Thank You Rich Jerk ebook costs $19.95, while the Rich Jerk sells his for $49.

There are definately some great money making strategies discussed in The Rich Jerk, and not all of these money making strategies are unethical. However, if you want to get more for your money, go with the Thank You Rich Jerk ebook. Especially if you're just getting to know how all this online business stuff works.

Many people feel that Holly Mann provides better options for internet marketers than the Rich Jerk because her strategies are inexpensive and they don't require as much of an investment in order to make money online.

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This ends the review of Holly Mann