Herculist is a safelist that currently boasts close to 40,000 members. It's an online mailer and can be run via a submitter. You can join for free to take a look, but the restrictions on free members are severe and you do not get a good feel for what it can do without subscribing. There are several levels of membership, some monthly and some annual. The annual payment does make the monthly average fee much more attractive.

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The main problem we find with Herculist is that many of the emails that come from other members can become annoying. You'll get an email about every get rich quick program on the face of the planet. But since most of the members aren't making any money themselves, these opprtunities are almost looked at more as SPAM than anything else. There's nothing wrong with Herculist itself, but after testing them out, I can't put them on the same level as other similar traffic and mailing programs. For the beginner though, Herculist is a good starting point until you perfect your marketing skills.

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