Harvey Segal Review

All About Harvey Segal

Harvey Segal is the man behind The Complete Guide to ClickBank Websites and The Complete Guide to Ad Tracking Programs, and the publisher of SuperTips Ezine. Harvey is the author of a number of books, including, "Stop Those ClickBank Refunds!", ClickBank Vendor SuperTips", ClickBank Affiliate SuperTips", "Viral Marketing SuperTips", "Forum SuperTips", "Ad Tracking SuperTips", "101 SuperTips" and "The Ultimate SuperTip".

Harvey's also known as 'Mr. SuperTips from the UK'. Harvey is the moderator on a few internet marketing forums along with sharing his tips in numerous articles. In one forum in particular he has made over one thousand post. So this shows his dedication to help others. In my opinion Mr. Segal is a smart man and deserves much credit for all his contributions to the world of internet marketing.

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