Harry Beckwith

Harry Beckwith is branding consultant. He now works with fortune 500 companies but it wasn't always this way. Harry Beckwith had the lowest grade point avereage of anyone ever admitted into Stanford university. with that said managed to graduate Phi Beta Kappa, and have 5 years of practice in law with a clerkship to a federal judge. after coming to the conclusion that he could be more creative else where he decides to use his talents for advertising. Four years later he was named creative supervisor of carmicheal-Lynch, a relatively smaller advertising agency in minneapolis.

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Harry beckwith has worked with 23 fortune 500 companies big names like Target, ABC, Wells Fargo. Selling the invisible was his first book that managed to be named one of the top ten business and management books of all time. His next two books also did well the invisible touch and what clients love also did well. Harry doubles as a author, a master's bridge player and a distance runner. Harry and his children Harry Will Cole and Cooper are proud of their father and he sees them as an inspiration for his work. I obviously recomend Harry Beckwiths written books and audio books

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