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All About Harris Fellman

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Harris is the founder of BuzzIM.com, and conducts a weekly internet marketing call for internet entrepreneurs. Harris fellman rose meteoricly  to the Internet Marketing Scene in 2006 (generating over $750,000 in sales in his first year).

He has also become the king of how to be an "expert by association". He'll teach you exactly how you can get started with no money, no list, and no product to first build an income, then a following, and finally a successful ongoing business. Be prepared to think outside the box when Harris shows you his techniques to "Make Money First" when you start to build any web site or online business.

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I think the success of Harris has inspired many to take advantage of all the opportunities the internet has to offer. His SuccessIntensive.com has spawned other websites such as AdCopyIntensive.com , ListBuildingIntensive.com , ViralMarketingIntensive.com , AffiliateMarketingIntensive.com And SiteStealer.com. Although I've made a great deal of money online myself, even I learned a few things from Harris and some of his partners. I used just one of the FREE strategies that Mr. Fellman talked about to double my profits immediately. He's also one of the only internet marketers that I know of that still personally answers his emails. I think that's pretty good in my book.

If you're thinking about purchasing products promoted by Harris and his partners, I highly recommend that you pay close attention to anything he has to offer.

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