Guru Slayer

Guru Slayer contains a lot of hype. I believe there were some slight exaggerations when it came to the book. I don't belive this product will change lives and revolutionize the internet marketing scene.But one thing that stood out about it is that exactly the tactics the were outlined in the book seemed to be the same ones used by Andrew Fox. A lot of times when people come up with these great ideas to make money and tell you about all the money they made what they don't tell you is that they made their money doing other things aside from what their selling.

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But Andrew Fox made his money using exactly what he's selling. Some might find Guru Slayer to be a little simplistic. Some of you may buy Guru Slayer and realize that this product is not right for. Well don't worry about it because you have up to 8 weeks to return the product no questions asked and get all your money back. If you are an experienced marketer making thousands of dollars a month oline then this may not have any new information in it that would be usefull to you.

Some things that package entails is the "Guru Slayer" ebook which is 55 pages of information. And also the exact emails that Andrew used to generate over $74,000 in sales in just over 6 weeks. A Guru flowchart that shows exactly how to maximize your profits for every single visitor to your website. You also get 2 videos that explain every step of the flow chart. Also there are some fast action bonuses for people who join first. My advice is to try it if your a beginner because there's not much to lose. Click here to

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