Frutaiga is purchased only from independent distributors, which means there is the opportunity to create your own business marketing Frutaiga™ as well as earning commissions for recruiting new sales staff. Frutaiga is a nutritional beverage which claims to provide the ability to live longer than the current average. The claims made by Frutaiga are that the ingredients contained in it are responsible for making the Russian athletes, military and cosmonauts superior to everyone else and for enabling a large number Russians in the Georgian Republic to live to at least 100 years of age. Frutaiga states their compensation plan is a vertical push comp plan that creates a completely equal opportunity for everyone and bonuses are paid on a weekly basis to your Frutaiga paycard.

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In my opinion, Frutaiga is another MLM opportunity and has all the same drawbacks of any other health opportunity. I'm still going to test Frutaiga but don't expect spectacular results. But do check back to this page in the days to come to see the results.

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